Aditi Ramikrishnan

Mentee Experience



University of California, Berkeley


Dahlberg | Undergraduate Consulting Intern


B.S. Business Administration

B.A. Economics

Class of 2021


Acting, teaching, music (singing), making chai but drinking coffee, talking about Harry Potter

Fun Fact

I really enjoy specificity with colors. My favorite colors are lavender, rose gold, and crocodile green, and my pet peeve is anytime someone says their favorite color is 'blue' (which blue?).

Time in WIN

4 years

These Next 6 Months I'm...

Within WIN - build a strong, connected community of passionate mentors and mentees, all of whom regularly engage with one another outside of WIN events. Outside WIN - land a job I'm happy with, increase the specificity of my learning within my majors; declare a Theater minor.

This year in WIN, I'm...

To introduce several women who have strongly shaped my professional outlook and skills to the WIN community as mentors; to bring the same benefits and development to other girls who are mentees; to work with a larger exec group who is wonderful, driven, and motivated; and to make lifelong friends and connections who will forever reinforce my deep belief in the power of women supporting other women.

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