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Sitara Bellam

Mentorship Committee

Sitara Bellam_edited.jpg


University of California, Berkeley


UC Berkeley | Student

  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

Sitara is part of the Mentorship committee, with a focus on undergraduate members. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science with a concentration in Computer Science and Education at the University of California, Berkeley. Sitara has worked in UI/UX research, product marketing, and most recently interned in product management with Bay Area-based EdTech startup PathToExcel. In her free time, she enjoys reading mythology, street art/graffiti hunting in San Francisco, and working on digital art.

Ashley Santiago

Partnerships Team

IMG_8575 - Ashley Santiago.jpg


UC Berkeley


Analyst at Amazon


BA Business Administration

Fun Fact

Love making cocktails and recently got my bartending license for fun

Why are you excited for WIN?

Excited for the community and all the great events we'll be able to host

Time in WIN

1 year

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