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The Executive Team

Co-Chief Executive Officers

Headshot - Sarah Yue.JPG

Sarah Yue

headshotjosephine - Josephine Kim.jpeg

Josephine Kim

Professional Committees


The Consulting Committee facilitates mentorship between working women and college students interested in pursuing consulting and build a community

Screen Shot 2023-02-01 at

Angel Lee

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Madelyn Wells


The Finance Committee focuses on mentorship and community-building for women interested in all career avenues within finance, including investment banking, private equity, growth equity / venture capital, corporate finance, and many others.

CEA87797-22DB-4AA2-8250-B5E3E019BB41 - Joey Li.jpeg

Joey Li

Claire_Ho_Headshot - Claire Ho.jpg

Claire Ho

Professional headshot - Sarah Yao.jpg

Sarah Yao


The Tech Committee organizes the mentorship program for women working or interested in software engineering, product management, data analytics, and other non-technical roles.

headshot - Shriya Paritala.jpg

Shriya Paritala

IMG_5603_Original - Helen Wang.jpg

Helen Wang

Social Committees

The Social Committee hosts events in each region to ensure members have a fun WIN experience and keep coming back.

San Francisco

profile - Ashley Chen.jpeg

Ashley Chen

Shriya Kosuru.jpg

Shriya Kosuru

8836A72B-E14D-42A7-8A1A-9547FC428DAD - Amy Cha (1).PNG

Amy Cha

Los Angeles

1FD6711C-731A-425C-AD94-B6F90054D13E - F

Fiona Li

WIN photo - Deepthi Sampathkumar.jpg

Deepthi Sampathkumar

New York

New York Socials will be hosted by exec members who live in NY.

Partnerships Committee

achavez_profile2 - Adriana Chavez.jpg

Adriana Chavez

IMG_8575 - Ashley Santiago.jpg

Ashley Santiago

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee creates content for our online platforms and helps internal teams connect with WIN and the greater community.


Christina Joo

Candice Lee Headshot - Candice Lee.png

Candice Lee

7efde148-c532-430c-af2c-6c59b2f6f775 - Olivia Hering.jpeg

Olivia Hering


The Webmaster updates the website with upcoming events and blog posts about WIN career experience and advice.

LDT_2755 - Andrea Seet.jpeg

Andrea Seet

A letter from our Co-Founders

Our founding team is united by our belief that mentorship, network, and community all play instrumental roles in our success. From the early start of our careers, we were both fortunate enough to receive support and inspiration from both our mentors and peers. As we advanced in our careers, we experienced how much these relationships influenced our personal and professional growth. We sought ways on how to give back to younger generations, to maintain our existing relationships, and to forge new connections. But it became apparent to us that a formal platform to do so did not exist. 


When we launched our pilot year to gauge interest, we received an overwhelmingly positive response from both undergraduates and working professionals. This validated our belief that there is this unmet need for our organization that people would be supportive of and excited to be a part of. 


As we grow year after year, we are humbled by all the support but also inspired and proud to continue our mission to empower women in the professional world through mentorship and community.


With love,


Mitzi and Amy

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