Sitara Bellam

Mentorship Committee


University of California, Berkeley


UC Berkeley | Student

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Sitara is part of the Mentorship committee, with a focus on undergraduate members. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science with a concentration in Computer Science and Education at the University of California, Berkeley. Sitara has worked in UI/UX research, product marketing, and most recently interned in product management with Bay Area-based EdTech startup PathToExcel. In her free time, she enjoys reading mythology, street art/graffiti hunting in San Francisco, and working on digital art.

Josephine Kim

Mentee Experience


University of California, Berkeley


Boston Consulting Group | Summer Associate


B.A. Economics

B.A. Creative Writing


Dream journaling, watching Indie films, sticking post-it notes all over everything

Fun Fact

I met David Dobrik's driver at a stand-up comedy show in Hollywood

Time in WIN

2 years

These Next 6 Months I'm...

Learning how to create graphic animations on my iPad. I'm trying to learn one new design skill a day!

This year in WIN, I'm...

Excited to work with this amazing team of women. I've had a great first year in WIN and I'm excited to give back and see what I can bring to the team. :)

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